Physical Security as a Service

Paralain is a cloud managed IT company that specializes in Physical Security as a Service (PSaaS) deploying innovative turnkey solutions throughout North America.

Paralain acts as a project management umbrella over the entire physical security purchasing and installing experience.

We provide an end to end solution from the software commissioning to equipment installation, data infrastructure management and training and service needs for the entire life of the system.

We're committed to giving you your time back with you peace of mind over the entire process so your security systems work for you to give you the results you need.

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Camera Installation
home camera cctv monitoring monitor syst
Smart Alarm System
Electrical Inspectors
Security Alarm

Integration Solutions

Paralain offers installation services for cloud centric building life safety and data infrastructure to include:

  • IP Video Surveillance

  • Access Control

  • Burglar Alarms

  • Data Networks

  • Wireless Networks

  • IoT Smart Sensors

Open Space Office

Sara D.
Director of Facilities

As systems become more advanced it is critical that our partners have the ability to delivery end-to-end solutions.

Sophia D.
Network Services Engineer

With thousands of devices dependent on our network the services provider must delivery on-time and on-budget.

James B.
Security Services Manager

Access to our facilities and networks are equally important to our business so having a partner that is committed to these principles is critical to our success.